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Brand Papilio is associated first of all with wedding dresses. Just, as a producer of wedding clothes, the campaign successfully works at the markets of Europe and the USA for many years. But, today, Papilio Fashion House  offers to its consumers something bigger. These are several lines of women’s  party clothes – wedding clothes, evening clothes, clothes for routs and other ceremonial receptions. 

The history of Papilio has more than ten years.  For the short period of time the campaign, that as beenfounded in Brest (Belarus), became not only one of the famous members of  the wedding industry, but  it became famous for  the segment of elegant  wedding dresses, where  the competition is traditionally  very high and where an «admission ticket» is not easy to get. One of the Italian specialists pointed out the reason of the success in such a way: „These dresses were so perfectly sewed, that it seems unbelievable having such a price. And  brides look much better in them!”

The assessment of a professional  couturier is very important, because it opens all the essential principals of the campaign. All the items of Papilio Fashion House  are magnificent in quality performance  and  the selection of materials.  The most fastidious clients and the owners of wedding salons/houses in many capitals and towns  of the Old World could be convinced of it. But the following is more important.  Initially, the heads of the campaign Alena Goretskaya and Irina Poznjk  added  to the designing and manufacturing  of wedding dresses the spirit of high fashion.  The models of wedding dresses with trade brend  Papilio & Alena Goretskaya  have been created and are being created as specific items, in which you can see the elements, that  approach  a bride’s finery to a real artwork.

From 2002 the campaign takes part in prestigious international exhibitions  and wedding fashion shows. Today it has an excellent resume, comprised also by good references of famous grandees. Flourishing like a bay tree, Papilio Fashion House unites under one mask a fashion-studio, a fashion-laboratory and sewing workshop. It has given the campaign more flexibility and has opened new opportunities for embodiment of designers’ ideas.  Yearly in Brest  at least two  excellent collections of wedding and evening dresses are born, which, as a rule, become dominant in Belarus and at the same time they are not left  in the shadow at European  fashion shows, enriching them with original, stylish  and beautiful  works. 

Now, along with the dresses for fiancées, which have  got a real foothold in wedding salons in more than 100 cities of the continent and are presented in 6 collections, other two directions of manufacturing -  girlish and woman clothes - are actively developing in the campaign. It has been said already, that these are dresses forsocial routs, parties, etc. Like the wedding lines, the lines of evening dresses invariably give  clients a lot of positive emotions.  With various  stylistics, the impression  of Papilio evening dresses is always underlined as having a good taste and  scrupulous reasoning of details.  In order to make a look more impressive, the campaign traditionally offers to its dresses  a wide variety of accessories, which supplement and set off the garbs of  brides and ladies, invited to the party.

One more direction was  designed by the line Papilio Kids. This brand (mark) produces smart clothes for girls. Their peculiar design often unites magic with innocence or  almost adult elegance  with sincerity, which is characteristic for a childhood. The last news  of the line Popilio Kinds became the fashion collection of school dresses, that has been highly estimated both by specialists and consumers.

The steady positions,  that have been gained in the Wedding Fashion World, have allowed the campaign to take the following step. In 2010 a new brand Alena Goretskaya was introduced. The name of its main designer Papilio Fashion House gave the line of wedding dresses  the «premium »category. They are made  of the best materials, and are the models of the designer’s work and also skillful realization of bright ideas – «complex in simple», when the impression of  beauty  and harmony is inseparably linked with  advanced technologies  of creating  of items.

The appearance of the elite collection Alena Goretskaya -2011 has been already noticed  and pointed out by many glossy editions, which specialize on the theme of wedding receptions. It has also been shown with success at the international exhibitions.  Top models of the new brand got the highest marks both for the effect of  delicate luxury produced by them and for the filigree trimmings with semiprecious stones and for the complex tissue embroideries.

Soon  Pailio Fashion Hause plans to intensify its presence in the highest segment of wedding fashion, and at the same time to remain and even to widen  the range of smart clothes of middle price bracket for consumers. The composition of the unique designer’s decisions and modern technologies allow the campaign to face the future with optimism, satisfying  the different  client’s desires.